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Please make initial contact via the contact form on my contact page, this will help avoid, ‘spam’ for both of us !

 If you would like to order a quantity of fully completed, printed pedigree's for your litter, please follow the directions outlined below  

First look at my available examples on the styles page and decide if you would like single or double sided, 3, 4 or 5 generations. Folded or Flat. I would generally recommend 4 generation, portrait for clarity, but the choice is yours.  

Decide which back you would like for double sided. Or make a list of the design/information you would like. More designs will be added as soon as I get the time to design them.  

Choose your Font, or Fonts (you may like one for the back, maybe fancy, and a different one that would be easier to read for the actual pedigree) I will have all of the same fonts that you have on your own computer, ( look in the fonts section of your email or whatever programs you have installed) or if you know the name of a font that is not installed, I can probably get it for you.   

Choose the style, do you want a plain edge or a Border, and the colours of borders and fonts.   Choose card colour,  I have card in various colours, and if you are not sure what you would like I can send you a jpg picture of what I have. I am happy to buy in any card colour I do not have in stock.  

If you would like a different back or border design, just let me know and I will design a bespoke back, to your specification, for a small additional set up fee. If you can describe it, there is a pretty good chance I can design it.  

Send me the pedigree details, including K.C. & microchip numbers, and names, as you want them on the pedigree's ( individual names and numbers can be left blank to be filled in by hand if you prefer.) Breeder details etc. And any pictures you want on the pedigree.   These can either be scanned or emailed to me, or if you want to send by post I will return them along with you pedigrees.  

Once I have set up the pedigree, I will send you a PDF file for your approval. This should take no longer than 7 - 10 days, and in most cases will be less.  

Once any changes you have required are made to your satisfaction, I will require payment, either via PayPal or by cheque, and once payment has cleared your pedigrees will be dispatched within 2 working days.


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